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02-19-2013, 03:41 AM
Originally Posted by poopbang View Post
So I am flying my Tac Vesta, Aux Cannons etc etc. I warp into Kerrat. Some klinks spot me and are all like 'lulz a vesta lets go pwn it" etc etc. I activate APA, GWIII, APD, and RFII. I get some lols to my self, seeing 2 burning BoP hulks.
I don't understand why people think the Vesta is so weak. Silly klinks.
So you killed 2 BoPs in Kerrat, therefore... you can kill all BoPs in Kerrat??? Not sure I understand this logical fallacy, or even the point of the post...

You don't understand why people think the Vesta is weak, therefore, klingons are silly... Thanks for the non sequitur...

I love how these kdf/fed turd throwing threads always seem to feature a lot of synched up cycles... Let's keep it going, good stuff...