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12. Item: Siphon Drone
Issue: Leaves target completely drained of all energy and totally defenceless
Status: Are these complaints based on recent play experience? The functionality of Siphon Drones' drain was drastically altered a few months ago
Yes it is - Based on very recent Klingon queue experience

I just want to highlight this particular complaint and say that, while I really appreciate the recent attention given to siphon drones, they remain a major problem, even with speccing into power insulators, etc.. And based on current conversations I have had, the rampant use of these pets disuades many--including myself--from even queing in FvK. In fact, I was in a match just yesterday in which siphon drones, aceton assimilators (I think in conjunction with viral matrix but not certain), left me with all 4 subsystems completely and utterly drained: Purple across the board. To my mind, this kind of situation indicates that whatever changes were made to power drain dynamics months ago needs to be revisited.

As part of the developers' tests, I would encourage them to play against KDF, drain-oriented teams, if only to get the player-side experience of how challenging and frustrating it actually is to fight against such teams. Of course, any number of us would be more than happy to help you (Borticus) with such a test, since many of us have highly developed toons in both factions.

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