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02-19-2013, 05:03 AM
100K turret crits from Gates and Tac Cubes.
no list of binds
to many pets in Bank. they should have their own storage. one for space. one for ground.
John Van Citter is afraid to give players a Endgame Constitution Refit.
Only Phaser and Disruptor Elite weapons. wheres the rest?
Only Antiproton Stores in Reputation System... Once again. Wheres the rest?
KDF only have 9 unique missions. Feds have 50. Wtf...
All the uniforms that are being put out are in the frackin lobi store and not Z-Store
Z-Store needs more love aside from just ships and outfits every once in while. Back in 2011 there would be at least 4 Z[C]-Store releases each week. Some of them were the sets.
More Melee Weapons Plox
More skin varients for current ships on both factions
KDF needs more hair and clothing for free.
Can I haz [Borg] Bat'leth and other [Borg] Melee weapons in Omega Rep please?
Un-Unique Subspace Field Modulator and Ophidian Cane.
More maps for PVP plz.
I'd like to see the battle of wolf 359 and the battle to take back DS9 with all the ships STO provides. perhaps in a documentry cutscene of sorts. would that be possible?
Stop nerfing Science. Buff Engineering Healing and Buffing Abilities, Tac is fine as is. Also tac buffing abilities should not buff sci abilities like Gravwell and whatnot. Horrible coding there.
Galaxy, Defiant and Intrepid Retrofits are useless with Ensign's of their commanders, Make them Universal Ensigns. Same thing with some other ships. Namely Excelsior Retro, Multi Vector Assault Prometheus, Heavy Escort Carrier. All have useless ensigns.
Lobi ground weapons should be 30 Lobi. Lobi big ships should be 500, Lobi Shuttles should be 230. All Lobi Uniforms should be 50.

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