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02-19-2013, 07:12 AM
Had a KASE run with a myself in an Armitage, and buddy in an Oddy, twopuggers in Breen ships and one guy I don't know, because he was AFK the whole time. Needless to say we started out short with our AFK'er, but KASE is still winnable with 4. Unfortunately the two Breen Ship players showed up with damaged ships and only provided cannon fodder for the gates to laugh at. after about 10 minutes of making slow headway, my buddy in the Oddy and I decided to let the mission fail, since we were getting zero support from the other 3. Before leaving I mentioned to the other players that before doing an Elite STF, they should be willing and able to finish the mission. One of the Breen ship members messaged me that he tried as hard as he could. My response was basically trying means nothing if you're not equipped and are unable to repair yourself in-mission.