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02-19-2013, 07:21 AM
To answer slagdanny it is still viable in elite STF as I have used it and been able to at least kill all probes on KASE. However tachyon beam 3 will not remove a full shield facing so will require tractor beam or CPB. I also use the fleet recon science vessel instead of the intrepid, you can have tactical team on the recon but I would recommend taking hazard emitters 2 instead of science team and instead use conn officers to keep tactical team on the shortest cooldown you can. The fleet recon gains 4 tactical consoles, unlocks at tier 2 starbase and has ridiculously high shields.

You will find that it's very hard to keep a shield facing up without tactical team in elite STF now as you simply cannot heal the damage or distribute manually at a sufficient speed.

I have unlocked the plasma torp but from what I gather you can't have more than 1 and it doesn't seem to benefit from projectile doffs.

Oh and it's worth noting that you no longer get the 2 set bonus with the engines and assimilated console so either go full borg for the shield and hull heal proc or maco for the heavy graviton beam. The Graviton beam will stop the borg tractor beam and cutting beam combo if used when you or an ally get caught in the tractor beam.

You will also need 3-6 points in power insulators or the borg will decimate your shields with their tachyon beams (yes theirs are way stronger than yours can or ever will be and it is unfair) which even one can reduce your shields greatly, 2-3 spheres on ISE will remove your shields completely without insulators.

That is my experience with this build.