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*Preston in his quarters*

Preston: *sigh* Very well inform Gyunei and Kela to meet me at the detention level.

D'rix: You really should make an example of her.

Preston: I am no monster. The perception they have of me is someone that is different from them and I am a bit disappointed by that. I am not a illogical man completely just a man tired of all of the things driving the galaxy apart. If I have to commit evil to do so I will but only so far. Making an example of Allington is not one of them. I admire her tenacity.

*An hour later Preston arrives with Gyunei and Kela.*

Preston: Warrant Officer you may go. Has she been fed?

*The Warrant officer shakes his head..*

Preston: *shakes his head and facepalms* Go.. you are also reprimanded..

Gyunei go replicate some food for our guest here.

*Gyunei does so dutifully and brings a tray of food over and places it in the cell through the slot*

Preston: I do apologize for that.. You know annoying people won't get you anywhere.. As for Soval and his people I have no intent to make an example of them. I intended to leave them be if they submitted. I am not the monster you people think of me as.
Sam: I never said you were a monster, but your actions speak for themselves.

Dismissing 4 centuries of democracy and putting yourself in charge of the government? That doesn't inspire a lot of confidence. And you're surprised that the Vulcans came to us for help?

If you want peace, prove it. Let me go back to the rebels so I can bring both sides to the negotiating table.

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