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02-19-2013, 08:06 AM
Originally Posted by shampoo View Post
We had a 3 pack for cruiser and science, makes sense they would do one for escorts next.. :p
It was time.

Great job Cryptic,

I hope you won't ruin it by shipping it via lockbox (it's a federation founders' ship!)
and/or with awful stats (THIS is the ship that should have that extra weapon slot, it's an Escort, equals DPS).

Make it worth our Zen and our long-time expectations on an Andorian Ship you aknowledged in the official site post.

I am confident you will do the right thing.

Only criticism I can make is the material seems a recycle of the kitty Carrier, but there are others, I hope they seem more unique.

May I ask a couple of off-topic questions about when we'll get an Ushaan melee weapon and... moving antennae?
About the rest, please bring back doff system alive as it was prior to dilithium extortion on academy services.