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02-19-2013, 08:15 AM
Originally Posted by vsilverwings1 View Post
Always assumed it's a scam or more harm than good in any case. Why would a company give away in game currency in exchange for trivial information?
Its actually not trivial information. Its commonly know in the world of marketing as "data" or "leads". Basically, they are paying you not only for your name address and contact details, but they are also selling the data to 3rd party advertising companies, so they can flood your inbox with spam. Data/leads are a big seller these days. I'm not sure how much you are worth (as a consumer) but i do know that for example, Timeshare leads can sell for ?25 each. So when you get your 36 zen for giving your details, then that is how much you are worth as a lead.

Hope this clears up why you earn zen

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