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02-19-2013, 07:36 AM
Originally Posted by bloctoad View Post
They've obviously arrived with an agenda that your presence has disrupted. The solution for this is to not show up. I'd slaughter you too. You receive no sympathy from me.
You obviously don't understand, I get invited to participate in these battles. Going 1 on 1 with these guys over the cracked planet is rewarding. Anybody can salughter someone with numbers.... even the worst feds can. To face a single opponent in combat where everybody can watch your victory or failure adds to the intensity level of the performance. However, there is always someone who can't stand the rules and has to crash the party like Stardagger [who got banned]. When the individual battles are over melee ensues and then the numbers overtake the opponents. So for a moment in time Fed -VS- Klingon means something over the cracked planet honor and respect are given. That is what the combat area over the cracked planet in Kerrat should be a place of respect and a place to test your builds.