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02-19-2013, 08:48 AM
Stardestroyer there was a link to STO academy, also the player is using red matter capacitor which I would say is better than a weapon battery.

I would personally use danube runabouts as their tractor beams seem to be a lot better than yours and have more up time. which would let you use another science skill instead.

I tend to run my power the same as yours and I do very nicely with survivability and damage. You seem to be more of a healer/support in which case you'd be better off having TSS3 and repulsors 1 in my opinion as it will let you save other peoples bacon more and still let you save the day on starbase blockade and ISE.

Also science team clashes with tactical team and while I think science team 3 is great on 15s CD, tactical team will help you survive longer than science team will, as you will just use all your heals trying to stay alive and even then can't redistribute manually enough to keep up with the damage you take. To that end getting rid of tractor beam 1 and using something like jam sensors might be better so if you draw aggro you can get the enemy to switch targets. I haven't tested this as I can outlast most enemies (gates and tact cubes at 1km) so have no need to use it but then I use 2x tactical team1.

As for doffs, upgrade to 2 purple development lab scientists asap and a purple gravimetric (gravity well) doff will be excellent for extra wells. There are doffs that have a chance to reduce the cooldown of cannon abilites, I use 2 rare versions and it usually means I have a 22.5s CD on my scatter volley with it sometimes hitting the 15s global CD.

You also seem to have a lot of shield regen and high shield power so maybe the borg shield might be useful as it's a regenerative shield. It gives you the proc of shield regen if a facing drops below 20% and has plasma resist.

Skills seem ok, seems like you can use escorts with it too which is why attack patterns is worth keeping 6 points in. I would never max an admiral level skill as the returns for point cost are just not worth it (even 6 points in them is arguably not worth it) so I would recommend taking 3 out of energy weapons spec and putting them into particle gens as it buffs a lot of skills, I also don't tend to find a reason to have points in subsystem repair so removing 2 to bring particle gens to 6 points might be better. Up to you though as I wouldn't say there is anything completely wrong with your skill points.