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02-19-2013, 07:57 AM
My brand new 50 babby engineer doesn't have STF armour yet, and I've only got about 14% physical resistance due to the [Phys] tag on my Energy Dampening armour. I get ripped to shreds by the following:

Superbuffed lunge, takes about 90% of my health out with full shields
Nonbuffed but melee-doff sword wielding tac, cuts me in half pretty quickly
Borg in STFs like to pistolwhip me with their megaman arms while I set up bombs/mines
Klingons (specifically sword and dahar masters) in elite ground exploration missions poke a few holes in me if I let them get close

Hell, I even got tag teamed by an engineer using fuse armour on me and a tac using the close combat kit to finish me off. How embarrassing!

Without physical resistance, your goose is cooked in PvP against most Tacs as they're all gravitating towards covert operative, and they all like using Lunge to get into pulsewave range. I have a feeling that the Jem'Hadar XII set is garbage for PvP and the only good thing about it is the miini stealth thing.
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