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02-19-2013, 09:03 AM
Originally Posted by croesusx View Post
I'd love the Galaxy model to be redone, I think its terrible that the Enterprise C (Ambassador Class) looks WAY better than the Enterprise D (Galaxy) which served 7 seasons and a movie. I'd even pay for a redo! Where's the love Cryptic!?

That goes for the Sovereign and Intrepid. The Sov is close but not great and the Intrepid just sucks balls. I've tried to get the devs to look at this before but they obviously can't be bothered.
I totally agree. I would pay again for a fix of this ship's model.

And as for the Sovereign, check out my other thread in this forum, called "STO'S Terrible Ship Models". It features a brief assortment of most visible ship problems from the Sovvie, Galaxy, and Galaxy-X.

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