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02-19-2013, 08:07 AM
Originally Posted by crypticpoz View Post
Awesome! Huge thanks for being so helpful. I also only got the spinning circles, so I will check into that.

By the "ones you've most recently been on", do you mean that you've played them in-game recently? (Like this week?) We have a suspicion that older characters (that haven't been played in the client for a while) might be causing this problem because it takes longer to get them online and updated.
By recently I mean the last hour or so. I typically cycle through all of my toons in a play session doing different things on some. Some only for a half hour or so filling DOFF slots, others perhaps longer.

Is there a way to pare things down...say for your Bridge officers, list their portraits all on one screen (by "department" tac/eng/sci) rather than the full body scrolling bar. Then use the portrait as a button to click to their specific content generated page? That might shave off a little database draw as the system can duplicate the use of a single generated image rather than two.

Organizing it this way might ease future in game developments when we get First Officers and Department Heads. Then it is just minor shuffling and organizing.

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