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02-19-2013, 09:00 AM
I love how he totally thinks that this ridiculous thing is going to get made and put on the B'rel.

*at best* they'll make something themselves and stick it on. But most probably they'll either do nothing, or provide some quiet buff to compensate the C-store purchasers, as I very much agree is needed. The Excelsior doesn't really count in this case, because its abilities are not useable in combat, so while it has a value or weight to it greater than comparable ships, that value isn't magnified by its superiority over other vessels- transwarp has a set of built in limitations that make having the extra destinations nice, but not impressively good.

The B'rel on the other hand is defined by its enhanced battle cloak, and to say that special power is worth just an extra module is like how the fleet tactical retrofit's cloak is worth an extra modu- wait no it isn't, you can only get that from the C-store.