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02-19-2013, 09:03 AM
Originally Posted by illcadia View Post
It astounds *me* that you guys don't think Cryptic looks at how many people play KDF regularly, versus how many play fed.

It astounds me that you think it's actually worth the investment in making new KDF C store content that maybe a hundred players, max, will buy in the absolute best case scenario, compared to the thousands of fed players.

Do they make less KDF content? Absolutely. Is it 'astounding'? Not in the slightest. It's just the demographics. If we had anywhere near faction user number parity, you'd be seeing far and above more KDF content being released. But with most KDF fleets being 25 players, and the entire KDF faction numbering significantly less than the FED faction, and of those significantly less players, an even fewer number actually commit to C-store purchases for the KDF... how exactly are they going to make money here?

Everyone goes "If they released stuff in the C store, I'd buy it", but all I ever see are "I'm not buying anything from the C-store until they release more content" threads, so in essence you're saying "Don't produce more content, because I'm not going to buy it. I'll only buy it if you produce it and release it for free and I decide I like it, at which point it's free so why should I have to buy it anyways?"
And it astounds me that someone could be so naive to think that the number of KDF players there are, is directly affected by the state of the relationship between Cryptic and the KDF.

And please ... try and not make sweeping generalizations, or put words in my mouth.

NEVER, has Cryptic once come out and shown the player based figures, based on faction. Even the info-graphic conveniently left out one of the most important figures in the game.

And as someone that has only played KDF for three years - its NOT as small as we have been led to believe.

Until there is verifiable proof, it holds as much argument as trying to convince Homer the world is round.

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