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02-19-2013, 10:30 AM
Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
The defining feature of the b'rel is the projectile - enhanced cloak. Running it as cannon ship is rather're better off with a heghta free tier 4 bop for that.
That's kind of like saying the Oddy must always use its consoles. The EBC is an option, the B'rel can operate as a standard BoP while using it as a normal cloak as well, and since it has the best turn rate in game it makes a great gunfighter style ship to combat people who load up on RCS consoles aboard their Escorts (that is a signature of a few PvP fleets).

Sci b'rels are novelty that wears off quickly.
Well Sci-BoPs are the closest thing to a KDF Vesta atm.

Character templates differ. My two kdf toons have vastly different skill sets. One is an engineer tank the other is a pure torpedo tactical. Putting the engineer to fly the b'rel means he has very little torpedo skills, lots of tank skills and that by itself means the b'rel is a waste to fly ..the skill sets do not match the ship.
Then don't put torpedoes on it! Use it as a tanky Eng-Scort and the B'rel becomes a more nimble version of the Heng'ta.

In any case we go back to square one. non-cstore purchasers are receiving the b'rels enhanced cloak and better stats for less zen than cstore owning brel captains who get the fleet version. even with the discount.
Where is this discount coming from? The Fleet B'rel costs 5 FSM unless you own the C-Store ship which equals the C-Store ship plus 1 FSM.
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