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02-19-2013, 10:15 AM
Brish ... why runabouts?

I have been reading forums and everyone says to use one of adv stalkers and one of adv peregrines. Do runabouts provide something else other than the holds from tractor and chronotons?

Also, I cannot seem to find, ANYWHERE, a post or guide that shows the dps of various hangars. I see some estimations and guesses based on play trials, but nothing concrete like with weapons. Its hard to estimate the value of hangars without hard data. I think I also read that hangars do not benefit from tac consoles, and other posts that say they do ... Same for shield repair units - how much shields per second do they heal? All facings at once or just one. If ts just one is it based on the arc where the drone is at or the lowest shield value? So shield heals increase if the shield capacity is lower (e.g. diminishing returns on shield facings over 75%)?

Also dont Delta flyers have better shield strip abilities, or is that still broke?

Many questions. Few answers.