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02-19-2013, 10:17 AM
Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
As I stated 100s of threads before, additional Fleet Marks are coming.

Will Fleet Marks be added back to Foundry missions? Nope.

Will Fleet Marks be increased on other missions? Yes.

How soon?

As I hinted at last week, you will see changes over the next several month, but the first change will be this Thursday.

We are not detailing that change until the patch notes hit.
We have been told repeatedly that you, dStahl and others, have been reading this thread.

Clearly that particular cake was a lie.

One of the most repeated criticisms of the recent change was based on the apparent non-desire to listen to feedback.

The change was released to tribble, generated 75 pages odd of feedback, absolutely none of which was acted on when it was sent live to holodeck.

Virtually all of the problems were found by the tribble testers, the boff slot problem, the 2 minute cooldown, the clear damage the FM decision would do to small fleets.

Absolutely none of it listened to, let alone acted on.

As other posters have said, this has moved beyond the attack on small fleets with the removal of the IOR/FM wrapper.

All of this released before a 3 day weekend.

Do you really have such a tin ear?

The tone of your response is comtemptuous of us, the player base.

The continuing secrecy you seem so attached to is not the solution, it is the problem.

And nowhere, absolutely nowhere, in your reply is any sense of apology.

Even your loyal community moderators are telling you that the secrecy is not helpful.

While your post was, undeniably, a reply. It is not an answer, not even close.