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02-19-2013, 11:26 AM
I find it amazing after 200 pages and 2200 posts that all he got out of it was we're mad about Fleet Marks.

Oh Dan, you really need to start looking at the big picture...

On top of that, we get another patch in 2 days that's not on the Tribble server being tested AT THIS MOMENT. Want to bet more things get broken??

Do not let this man placate you with false hope. None of our major concerns were addressed, and in actuality, were glossed over with this hope that MAYBE the 'changes' being made on Thursday will fix the game. The smart people know they will not.

Do not be a machine programmed to grind. Do not let them tell you how long you should play their game every day/week like they have been. You are people who log onto Star Trek Online to have fun, Not grinding machines to be told by Cryptic you need to grind an average amount of hours per night/day/week to make what they deem necessary to advance yourself and your fleet. Their content is bug ridden. Workarounds have to be discovered by their players. They do not fix their bugs.

Maybe you should all read back over the 200 pages in this thread, read the opening remarks made by D.Stahl and remember why we're here in the first place...

Its not just about Fleet Marks...

Its about what this game is supposed to represent...
We are now in a gaming paradox created by Cryptic/PWE...

"You cannot win because you cannot get the rewards and

you cannot get the rewards because you cannot win."

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