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Originally Posted by bizzarquestion View Post
This just shows your sheer ignorance of the true heart of the matter. Some were petty. SOME. The vast majority here are sick and tired of the grind of this game, the lack of QA, and the forced playstyle. If you actually took the time to read AND understand, you will see this for yourself.

Anyway...Power to the People! Keep fighting The Good Fight!
I've read the whole thread actually...

Have been keeping up since it first opened.

I just don't see any reason to get so worked up over an Online Computer Game.

Things have changed drastically many times since this games inception (including the company who owns it), this is just another change that has come along that has many players in a snit cause it isn't something they like.

A month or two from now there will be another change that causes an uproar and this one will slide to a back burner.

I've been around long enough to know that what I can't change or control, means I have to adapt or go find something else to do.

A game, is not something that I let get the best of my emotions...

Especially when that's one of the driving forces behind companies attempting to get my money.
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