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Sam: With strong leadership, I suspect the Klingons could preserve their empire. I remind you that it was Gyunei over there that assassinated the Klingon Chancellor and High Council in the first place. The people you've associated yourself with are another understandable concern for the Rebels.

If you want peace, come to the negotiating table. Assure everyone that you aren't the enemy.
Preston: If the people even want an Empire again.. Which from what I hear is the majority opinion.. Even among Klingons. I also remind you that Gyunei here was enhanced by your friends at section 31 again and one again by the Emperor.. I just took him under my wing and gave him a new personality. You see he can't recall doing those things..

I do want peace but alas there is one thing I must ask..

Did you ever ask James why he isn't at the negotiating table?