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Originally Posted by Koba View Post
I speak Russian as I am a Russian Historian
Most information is similar to what we have already heard before. Some interesting things:

  1. One of the first missions you are on is more diplomatic than a combat scenario. For example, you travel to the ship "Azura" because it is stranded in an unsafe place. You need to rescue the crew before the reactor explodes. Whether that is by moving the ship by getting the reactor online, or evacuating the crew is not said exactly. It seems to lean on getting the reactor online though.
  2. Most "episode" missions last from 45 minutes to an hour, similar to a TV episode. It also says that several episodes are part of a bigger story in the game that will reveale itself in the course of play.
  3. They make a joke about feeding tribbles. Then they say there is a possibility to own tribbles.
  4. They have thoughts for an expansion, but are not ready to talk about it.

Thanks for posting this summary.