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02-19-2013, 11:52 AM
Originally Posted by tilarta View Post
I think I knew about that method, but never really connected it with the BOFF issue.

All I knew is I could edit non-editable boffs in tailor, even though I never bothered to try.
Who wants a Jem'Hadar or a Reman to turn into a custom alien?

But seriously, it's not appropriate to use an exploit to fix a bug Cryptic should be fixing themselves.
This was a little different. There used to be a console command that let you manually change what type of costume you were editing. Originally, you could unlock the unrestricted developer's mode and mix and match pieces, but not surprisingly that got shut off pretty fast. Until about a week ago, however, you could still switch to a "valid" costume type. The was a safe workaround for the bug that reset all your sliders when you changed your captain's outfit type, and it was also the only way to set a BOFF to "Off Duty," which was neccessary for customizing Renegade BOFFs earned through the Marauding tree.

Sadly, it appears that the 2/14 patch shut off the command entirely, so the last avenue to customize Renegades is gone - at least until the underlying problem is fixed.

As for the workaround being an exploit -- in its original form that allowed mix-and-match costumes I kind of agree with you (but not really, because the whole concept of costume types is a terrible kludge that should be removed from the game ASAP), but in the crippled form that existed until 2/14 I don't see any moral objection to it. It was just a console command that let you do something you were supposed to be able to do otherwise, had the UI been working correctly. Not that it matters, though, since the console command has been shut off.

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