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02-19-2013, 11:56 AM
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Okay you're not getting this. The link you gave me doesn't show beam arrays. It shows DBB's. Turrets blow. They suffer the most extreme drop off over range of all the types. Just saying.

So yah it wouldn't really matter if that sheet showed me batteries and ship types and captain skills and battery usage and nadian inversion to offset increased power drain and made me a nice lunch.

Because it doesn't show beam arrays. Unless I missed a tab somewhere.

There's one that does if you're interested in that sort of thing, but I believe you still need to make your own lunch.
Doh, I just looked at them as beams / cannons didn't even realize which ones were used.

Nah I know turrets by themselves are not great, but they are half of what make cannon weapons amazing is what I meant. Honestly try flying a cannon boat without the turrets and you will realize a significant decrease in performance they might not do that much damage by themselves but in reality it is the 1 extra damage or proc you deal than the enemy can take that wins the fight. And the turret can be that 1 extra damage plus their power efficiency flat out rocks.

Imagine if turrets were removed from the game how much less whining their would be about DHCs and even single cannons, not that many whine about them as most just don't use them but meh.