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Ok some questions before I do some editing. You really made me think here.

EPTS lasts 30 seconds, has a 45 second cd, starts a 30 second on a second copy, and a 15 on other EPTx. The 30 is shared and 15 would be system cd?

So I wrote that and I thought about it and looked at it and thought about it. And thought about it some more. ETPS doesn't have a 45 second cd, it has a 15 second cd, despite what tooltips say.

So a second copy is the system and the EPTx is the shared. Because other ETPx go into their full 15 second cd, which I haven't been thinking of as the full cd, because tooltips have made me think of the full 45 seconds as the cd, which it isn't, really. Or is it?

Tell me Uncle, what is the cooldown on EPTS, 45s or 15s? Is the time that the ability is active considered part of it?
Cooldown: 45 seconds (max training)
System Cooldown: 15 seconds
Shared Cooldown: 30 seconds

Minor nitpick, most boff abilities do become effected by a global cooldown just like weapons firing does of a tenth of a second or so. Their are a handful or abilities that ignore this though I forget which ones. That is why a keybind with several abilities on it does not work properly with several abilities and one press, but some things can be bound together and both will activate with a single press. I still think the limit is two though but not 100% positive on that.

*edit addon*
Weapon boost skills have no global such as CRF, and TS.
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