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02-19-2013, 01:08 PM
Originally Posted by contrarydecision View Post
To be honest? I could be making more money from this, you're right. But what would I do with it? I've earned what is, even to me, a staggering and nearly stupid amount of EC already. I'm running out of sane places to put it now, in fact. I'm a fairly simple creature, in the end. I have the things I really want in this game. None the less you don't save for today, you save for the future. There will be things I want in the future, obviously. Like when the next lockbox comes around.
Hehehe yeah, I remember talking to you about that before after I bought the ships. You were laughing the whole time at both the server disconnects and the fact you had so much bloody ECs.

But even so, OP, nobody is forcing you to use them. But they are probably offering the best deal, and even if they decide to raise the price, anyone who took the 40 mil EC deal still gets unlimited and indefinite access to their shipyard with that account. So basically, anyone who paid that, can come back at any time and get new ships (which is likely to be something I am doing btw, just an FYI).

I am probably biased due to being a very satisfied customer, but you get the idea. It's a good deal bro!
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