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02-19-2013, 12:22 PM
Well the official stats for these ships are out. I'm fed and even I agree KDF is gonna need equivalents with how powerful these things are. That said they're really fragile, but I don't know how anything could withstand a Kumari-class alpha-strike with all three consoles and the set bonus from them.

Weapons, 5 Fore 2 Aft
Andorian Phasers (unknown bonus/difference, my guess is they're standard phaser DHCs but colored blue) as standard armament, with one weapon slot being taken by Kumari wing cannons (removable).

The most fragile of the line has 5 tac consoles, Cmdr. Tac, Lt.Cmdr Tac, Lt Tac, Lt Universal, and Ensign Engineering.

These things are bananas.