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Originally Posted by ztempest View Post
Every MMO player base has an element that seeks to nerf other classes in order to promote their own class/abilities to overpowered status.

The one class that has suffered the most in STO has been the Science captain. Very, very few buffs...and LOTS of nerfs...there is a reason for that -- SCI captains fill that role that every MMO has of a class that specializes in roots/holds and general esoteric nastiness that other players find difficult to counter -- mostly because it requires a bit of thought in how they set up their vessels and select their skills.

I wish that a game -- specifically an MMO -- could find some sort of balance in this regard, and not merely implement change based on the squeaky wheel principle...but that is a pipe dream for the most part...
Agreed on all counts, I play all 3 main combos and have played 4 others and having done so I have a good idea how the other 2 would turn out and of all of them science/all are the weakest in all regards and with some ships Eng/Sci would turn out the best for versatility, this seems a little unfair when my sci can't work to the same effectiveness in her own speciality using the same ship.

I do feel that tacs benefit a tad too much from the game system, more so than the others (See the T5 rep skills) I would live with an entire season update replaced with a balance pass if the game benefited as a result.
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