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Originally Posted by rosebloome View Post
Seeing those stats...

That tactical version of the escort... wow. If a rabbit farts the thing would kerplode! But geez... 5 tactical console slots.

The other two would make decent eSTF ships though.

* rub chin. *

EDIT: 5 Forward guns, but one of those slots takes up the Wing Cannons. Without those, you can't use any of the special features. Wonder just how good the Wing Cannons actually are.

Edit:Edit: Well... lets see what everyone will use for their Boff and Weapon/Console layouts!
I agree, I will never use the tactical version. Why do I need Cmdr, Lr. Cmdr, AND Lt. Tac Boff slots? That Lt isn't doing much for me, and I will use it as engi or sci and get a lot more tank without losing one iota of damage. Also, that 5th tac console? I don't care about it. It doesn't matter. With diminishing returns, if you are going all energy damage, you really aren't getting much out of that 5th tac console. I'd rather use it for an extra universal or a neutronium or field gen. I am really curious about the 5th fore slot and if it can ONLY BE USED for the wing cannon weapon or if I can stick 5 AP DHCs in there. Also what these andorian phasers are like and why we can't get Mk XII versions...
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