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Originally Posted by stardestroyer001 View Post
Nebula and Sovereign saucer separation would be nice too.
Was the Nebula even designed for it? Doesn't seem so to me (and I don't really care what some half-baked author concocted).

And does the Sovereign really need to separate? Saucer separation was totally underwhelming from the viewer perspective. Further, it seems totally unnecessary from within the context of the IP; there are plenty of escorts in service now, and they perform far more effectively than a Galaxy hull section. Meanwhile, the saucer section is a sitting duck; if the Lursas hadn't been blown up already, and the Enterprise was forced to separate before the battle ended to avoid the warp core explosion, then I don't think there's any question that BoP would have wrecked the saucer section.

It seemed like a neat concept the first time they pulled it out; I'm sure it seemed like a great idea from the perspective of what they could do with the physical models. The cruiser turned cruise ship concept seemed to warrant the ability to safely discharge the civilians while sending something more battle capable into the fray. In practice, the show demonstrated just how useful the ability really was; I think they use it all of 2-3 times between TNG and the motion pictures.

I think they would have abandoned the design, at least in regards to cruisers (obviously the multi-vector module is different).

Anyway, there was never any mention that the saucer even could separate on the dreadnaught. For all I know, they had to hardwire power relays to power the cannons, or the cloak, or remove the spare bridge and saucer separation equipment to accommodate the third nacelle, or who knows what else (probably put in more holodecks, is my guess).

I guess what I mean to say is, outside of some (very) minor RP reasons, or just the novelty of using it once or twice, the console doesn't even need to exist, let alone be ported over to the dreadnaught.

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