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02-19-2013, 01:21 PM
Originally Posted by qinnux View Post
this thread and all similar ones is the result of cryptics screwd up fleet system that promotes people condensign to a single massive fleet just for the items - and its not a fleet, but rather like some list of names where noone knows each other or gives a **** about helping - and sicne its T5... where do the "fees" go to, there most likely is no need to dump 25m ec to fleet projects - so it goes to the pocklets of the elite top and their friends not people who actually contributed to the fleet.
In your desire to rage about 'large fleets' and all that fun stuff you might have missed the part where there are literally only two of us. No 'elite top and friends' to mooch off the backs of those made it happen when we're the ones who made it happen.