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02-19-2013, 03:02 PM
Originally Posted by bareel View Post
Cooldown: 45 seconds (max training)
System Cooldown: 15 seconds
Shared Cooldown: 30 seconds

Minor nitpick, most boff abilities do become effected by a global cooldown just like weapons firing does of a tenth of a second or so. Their are a handful or abilities that ignore this though I forget which ones. That is why a keybind with several abilities on it does not work properly with several abilities and one press, but some things can be bound together and both will activate with a single press. I still think the limit is two though but not 100% positive on that.

*edit addon*
Weapon boost skills have no global such as CRF, and TS.
So here's the thing, EPTS is active for 30 seconds, does it make sense to call the cd 45 seconds as opposed to 15? Because if you call it 45 seconds then 1 A2B/3 tech activation will shave 13.5 seconds off (this is how it works currently). If you called it 15 then 1 activation would reduce it by 4.5 seconds. I'm probably shooting myself in the foot to draw attention to this because my two favorite ships right now are A2B builds, but there it is. If a cd is supposed to be the amount of time that it's unavailable, that's 15 seconds, and if the max you're supposed to be able to remove per activation is 30%...