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My comments/interpetetions in blue
Want to see Spock? Want to feed a Tribble from your hands (do not do this! )? Want to surf the cosmos in search of new worlds? "If answered " yes " to all of these questions, then you are probably a fan of« Star Trek», and thus looking forward to the project from « Cryptic Studios » called, not difficult to guess" Star Trek Online ». Even if you did not know about the existence of the cult television series, don’t worry, join, and perhaps you’ll want to find a new civilization or fight in a space battle.

Huge hello to our friends from, who had settled on the other side of the Atlantic. My name is Daniel Stahl (Daniel Stahl), <BR>I - producer of «Star Trek Online». I am very pleased to answer questions of interest for the «Star Trek Online». Will there be a plot? Plot Missions?

Daniel Stahl: Work on the «Star Trek Online» is gorgeous, it has a vast amount, I would even say a library of stories, with which many fans of films and series are familiar. When we do stories that take place in «STO» we often find inspiration in the old episodes. Most of your career as captain will include missions which are interrelated, formed into episodes. Each episode is presented from 45 minutes to an hour of play, like a TV episode. Some of the episodes are a big part of the history (STO universe history is presumed) which is revealed gradually during the game. Will there be craft?

Daniel Stahl: When we discuss the various features for the game, we often turn to TV show in order to know what would make sense to incorporate into the universe of STO. When it comes to crafting, and stellar fleet availability, replicator technologies make traditional MMO craft somewhat outdated. I do not think that any game’s inventory can accommodate a sufficient number of components, which would have been required in order for you to build a starship.
In the future, if you need anything, you recreate it (probably replication is meant). Hopefully next time when you find a planet on which the problem with medicine exists, you will have enough of reproductive (replicative) rating and enough knowledge to make medicines.
Do not forget that Star Fleet provides mission to explore new worlds, seek new forms of life and civilization. In some cases you must, besides researching, come back with what you have found. (don't understand it myself) Will boarding ships be realized? If it will, what will it look like?

Daniel Stahl: Players will have the chance to board other spacecrafts, whether to initiate an investigation, to recapture Starfleet vessel or to rescue the kidnapped diplomat. For example, one of the first missions in which you board a transport ship «Azura» to save the crew by moving it to a safe place before the damaged warp core of the ship destroys everything. It is interesting to all, what imprint does the death of character leave on him. What is the penalty if the character dies?

Daniel Stahl: Death of a player in video games has never been realistic from the very days when there were arcade machines, where each coin thrown at him gave you 3 lives. MMO no, but we do not want your character ever leaving the game world with a huge inscription «GAME OVER» in the middle of the screen. As an example, when your character gets enough damage he falls to the floor unconscious in the hope that other team members will be able to save him. If they do, then you can return to battle, but if not, then you return to the last checkpoint on the map and the team returns with you as well (to that checkpoint). Will there be any special events?

Daniel Stahl: In the TV Series Star Trek, they found that the galaxy is full of many hostile creatures. We hope to surprise some players with something that they would not be expecting patrolling outer space of the Federation. We also hope you can see the stylized Star Trek events, which may remind of favorite episodes. I am sure everyone is familiar - what is the risk of feeding Tribbles. Past developers have announced that in addition to conventional chat there will be voice and video chat in the game. Is it still valid?

Daniel Stahl: Players have a tendency to use full of third-party voice programs with various features, and most established gaming guilds have their own servers. We do not intend to integrate the voice chat yet. Most of the players who want this integration have already found a better solution. What is the top level in the game? How long would it take for a regular player to achieve it?

Daniel Stahl: Let us cast away the levels, «Star Trek Online» is more skill oriented game where you raise the level of skills and increases in the ranks of the fleet, which will unlock new features, better equipment and better ships. Your career is moving from lieutenant commander (my translation of second lieutenant) to the admiral of the fleet.
Once you prove yourself to the Starfleet, you can always count on getting a crew. In STO captain is responsible for teaching and training the vast spectrum of skills and tactics (to the crew), which the crew needs to advance their individual careers. Most casual players may never reach the rank of admiral and wander in the galaxy on their Miranda class ships. It all depends on how much time the player wants to invest to raise his rank. How often will new add-ons be released? On what basis they will be distributed?

Daniel Stahl: «Cryptic Studios» has a rich history of releasing content updates to players. «Star Trek Online» already has a plan for updates, which will be released after the launch, but we are not ready to talk about it. At the moment our eyes are fixed on the launching the game. Will there be pets?

Daniel Stahl: We must consider this issue from two sides. If you believe that your officers - pets, whom you can train and raise their level, then of course everyone has pets. If the question is whether you can have a Tribble, the official answer - maybe. «Star Trek Online» will be a single universe (an array of server consolidation (interconnected servers)), or divided into multiple servers (as in WOW, Lineage etc.)?

Daniel Stahl: «STO» will be one big universe, where everyone is. We have limits on how many players can be in a location, before it will fetch a different channel, but you can quickly find your friends, no matter where they are located. Thank you very much for the interview, we wish you success with the launch and tests.

Daniel Stahl: Thanks again for the opportunity to ask us questions. We expect everyone in the game, and if you have not registered for beta test, make sure you do it on

EDI: I used the previous translations as a base so that not to waste time but some of my corrections should be important for you guys. The text in russian felt translated using some stupid software at times too so I didn't understand some small aspects of the text as well. So if you have questions about some aspects ask me so I can take second look at the russian text later today. I have to run to University now cause I translated this right after I woke up and I don't want to be late for classes.