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This has to be by far the worst ship stat wise in the game. (nice design)

Just look at it, its hull is crap, , its crew complement is practically nonexistent, its Boff layout is nothing to brag about and as for the 5 forward weapon slots, have you seen the pathetic turn rate it has, my BoP can fly circles around that thing, and by the time the ship turns around I will have cloaked and left him with his Buffs powered up and no one to shoot at.

This ship is nothing but BoP food, talk about an easy target. Sure it can kill maybe one target, but for every target it shoots down it will also go down in flames. All I know is that this ship is one Buffed Breen Transphasic Cluster Torpedo away from going BOOM.

Just look at it the Kumari Class is has a total of 9 Tactical Boff abilities what the hell are you going to do with 9 tactical bridge officer abilities on a ship that was designed for cannons.
3 ensign Tac slots and 3 lieutenant Tac slots, common this layout is just screaming, ?KILL ME, I just bought the wrong ship?