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02-19-2013, 05:07 PM
I have had the Vesta 3-pk since the first day it came out.

My primary FED Engineer does indeed fly the MMSE (eng version). Although I have adjusted the ship to favour offense over defense, I have found in a PVP match with someone with superior equipment, my ship was pretty hard to take down.

The offensive advantage of the Vesta lies in its usage of auxiliary power. The Aux cannons, three in fore, make a huge difference when Aux power is at 100%. To further improve on this, EP to Aux significantly helps here.

The rear weapons, all 360 degree phaser turrets, run off of weapons power, which I usually leave at 40. Using EP to Weapons, Weapons batteries, and cycling between Tactical Teams, the rear weapons do quite a bit of damage in addition to the "heavy hitter" Aux fore cannons.

The defensive advantages of the MMSE is the Fermion Field console, and the ample space for engineering or science abilities, as well as the decent hull and decent shields.

For tanking, I would suggest fully utilizing the Engineering console slots for hull strength, resiliency, and repair abilities. Use SIF Generator, some alloys, etc. Don't waste a single spot on the universal consoles. For the science consoles, since the Eng Vesta has four, use at least one for the Fermion Transceiver console - this heals your hull moderately over time, as well as your allies (within around 3-4 km) and fighters, while slowly regenerating shields. It's an invaluable tool. Also, put at least an Emitter Array and Shield Emitter Amplifier to re-build your shields once they start to run low. As for tac consoles, use Phaser Relays to boost damage from the heavy-hitters and the rear guns.

As for BOFF slots, I recommend using the LTC Universal seat for an Engineering officer, if you are going for a tanky role. Have EP to Shields and RSP on at least one Engineering officer. Use the ENS Universal seat for the Tactical BOFF, running a copy of Tactical Team alongside the LT Tactical seat, also running a Tactical Team.

As for devices, Weapons and Shields Batteries are a must. The other slot is your discretion.

As for fighters, I find all of them are useless unless you get the higher level ones, so I have no comment on that. If I was forced to choose, I would pick either runabouts to tractor enemies so you can get away and heal, or SRU/HRU for shield/hull heals, respectively.

The MMSE is a great ship. Once you buy it, you won't regret it.

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