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02-19-2013, 06:40 PM
i was disappointed with City of Star Trek when it launched, and it's even more dated now. Your space combat is an awesome system, though. much more active than say, eve online.

I understood that you were working on an extremely short deadline to release the game, and just threw in your old ground combat engine as a placeholder.

3 years later, the place is still held. Now that you're about to release a game with what appears to be a modern ground combat engine (neverwinter), it's time. treat this ip like the flagship game it deserves to be, and put a tweaked version of neverwinter's ground combat engine into STO.

as it is, i HATE getting out of my ship. unfortunately, all your missions force me to. also, the fact that i can't access the exchange in space (other than calling the s.s. azura II once every two hours, or having a tuffli) is kind of silly in an age of cross-quadrant high-speed data transfer and transporters.

also, a modern ground combat engine would allow for many new and more difficult/interesting mechanics, which is always a good thing

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