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02-19-2013, 05:44 PM
Free to play has opened the doors to plenty of new players, but the question is, how many will be staying?

That's kind of beside the point, though. The question of quality has been a bear on this game's back since day one.

I was prepared to cut them some slack because they were rushed into a premature release. However, it's three years later and there are still sloppy problems that could have been fixed with ease before now.

For example, there are still many ships flying around with their fleet/faction insignia UPSIDE DOWN. I mean, come on. How can something like that be allowed to remain in place for THREE YEARS? I could probably fix that in a day, if that.

Cryptic continues to undermine the game balance. Every new ship is another nail in the coffin, as they break the balance between ships even more. What's sad, is that they had it pretty good to begin with, and had a system that would have let them introduce new ships as SKINS without disrupting balance. Disrupting the game balance like that disrupts the gameplay, especially for pvp. Considering they had an entire faction designed for pvp I had to scratch my head at the decisions made that continue to break the game.

Certainly little things like upside down insignia, incorrect textures and ugly effects can discourage people from playing, but breaking gameplay will kill the game outright, eventually.

Seriously, if I was a developer on this game, I'd be embarrassed to admit it.
That said, I understand that they may WANT to do more and better, but they aren't being allowed to. However, in the end, we can only deal with what the results are, and they're not good, whoever it is that's at fault.
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