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02-19-2013, 05:53 PM
I also need to get this out there, I know its probably not feasible with the current engine, but when someone says to me what do you want from a Star Trek MMO... this is what i dream:

I arrive at the Starbase to find a list of missions. These missions are essentially quests as you would find in say DDO or the such like. These are story missions. You and other players group up to carry out the mission. It could be diplomacy, it could be scientific investigation or a neutral zone patrol, or even exploration. We start the mission by traveling to our destination.

We may encounter issues to resolve on the way or conflicts to overcome and the when we get to the main mission it involves team work and specific skill traits from the the different classes to solve puzzles and mysteries, it could be repair work or helping out a criminal investigation as sleuths for a Federation member planet, it could creating and transporting vaccines through a dangerous zone to a colony in dire need (imagine this last one where you have to protect the player whose carrying the medical supplies from attack).

The quests and stories are endless and this for me would be far closer to an actual Star Trek experience, puzzles, mysteries, combat, morality plays, stories, adventure, exploration and above all fun!