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02-19-2013, 07:06 PM
Originally Posted by psymantis View Post
I'd rather any and every ship be available in the C-Store so people can fly the ship they want without paying stupid amounts for a chance to get one. It's just a game, what other people use is none of anyone else's business.

Wanting to purposefully restrict a new ship is selfish and elitist.

As for wanting to limit the amount of none-fed ships flown by feds, it's far too late for that.
I'd absolutely agree with this. I'm prepared to buy something from the C-store but I am not prepared to gamble away $100's just for the chance of getting it. Quite frankly it's bad enough nearly all ships go in to the C-store without them all being lockbox drops too. That's why it was nice to get the Ambassador as a reward rather than buying it.