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Originally Posted by red01999 View Post
First, thanks for all the responses.

Second, a question - if I were to get two Adapted pieces, does Tactical Readiness actually translate to +7 AUX? Because the engines, if I recall from my KDF correctly, once equipped, basically give an extremely forgettable bonus to power levels (if I recall correctly, 0 for weapons and 1.2 for shields, forget what for aux), so it's not so much a boost to power as it is a boost to efficiency, which... doesn't help all that much.

Also, are the power bonus and torpedo bonus persistent and passive, or do they have to be triggered/have a cooldown?

Thanks again for any help!
+8.8 Aux, regardless of power setting (seems to be capable of over stacking past 125). The Engine's power boost does indeed scale based on power in that subsystem. +25% Torp damage, +8.8 Aux and all the crew saving features are persistent and passive.

Originally Posted by bohiap View Post
I'm an engineer in an escort. As far as I can tell tetryon glider doesn't work. I did 9 runs in ESTFs and parsed it in ACT. I never saw a thing about tetron glider in ACT or the chat log. I also got banged up alot more than I did with full borg.

Right now I'm running 2-piece borg, with MACO shield. But, I may give the 2-piece adapted/ MACO shield combo a try.
Per a thread I read in the PVP subforum, Tetryon Glider doesn't have a dedicated entry in combat logs. With high flow caps (maxed skill + MK XI purple console) it was pretty noticeable just by watching when I ran it last on a Sci ship.

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