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02-19-2013, 07:24 PM
Originally Posted by disposeableh3r0 View Post
With this sort of attitude is it any wonder no one seems to take you seriously?

I wonder if any of the "cryptic sucks" KDF players are big enough to apologize if the may update totaly finifhes the missing KDF content.

OR will they just nitpick it as they do everything else that has been added to the KDF.

"Yeah well you gave us missions for lvls 1 to 50, and yeah added like 10 new ships, and maybe gave us targ breeding. But you didnt give me the blue boots i wanted so this update totaly sucks."
They would have to really blow my socks off. Up to know they done nothing but say they going to do thing then deliever next to nothing. IT take a lot to undo the damage they done.

I recently got a survey if i recomand PWE to friends. One scale of 1 to 10 With 1 as no way. I Went with 1.

Why? Read that wiki. 90% of the reason is there. Three years of waiting for them to finish the KDF.

Add to that the fact that they seem unable to hire QA people and to test there product before release it. That why they got a 1.

If there a Romulan faction add to game and the KDF are not 100% with equal content Cryptic gets No praise. BEcause if they have time to add a third faction they can sure make the second faction equal to first after a 3 year wait.

But I am fairly sure what we see is nothing done for KDF or very little and romulan faction added.