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EDIT: For some reason, when I came to this page, I only noticed 3 pages, so I didn't think there would have been a translations. I'm very tired, (I finish work at 8 a.m. and it's just 9:40 a.m. now.) so my brain doesn't wish to work fully. Just ignore this post or enjoy with a laugh.
Originally Posted by liquidblaino
Does anyone here speak Russian and are you willing to translate?
I took Russian Language & Culture for three years a little over 20 years ago. I understood about 1% of it.

I can read it and pronounce it fluently but I definitely fall into the "if you don't use it, you lose it" category. I think he started off (intro before the interview) mentioning Spock (though the word was "Spocka," so it may not be). The first sentence which sort of looks like XoT"N"eTb yB"N"D"N"Tb C"pi"oka? ("N" being the "backword N, which is pronounced like the long E (as in Bee or Sheep. "pi" being the letter that looks like the symbol for pi, which is pronounced "pee" and is the Russian P. C's are pronounced as "s" the "o" is the "o" in "rot" or "bought," the k is the same in English and the "a" is pronounced like "ah," so it's essentially S-p-o-k-a.

I think the first sentence is "Have/Do you want(ed) to be/play Spock?" The "XoT"N" eTB is used at the start of both sentences, so it's the same type of question and in the second question, it looks like the word Tribble is present. (Tp"N"bb"bent pi"a - "bent pi" [sorry, don't know a better description] looks like the letter/symbol "pi" but with the "left leg" curved - that's an "L." So the word is trEbbla, with all letters being spoken (will sound like Treeb blah). I'm not sure if that's singular or plural.

The interviewer is in orange, Daniel Stahl is in white, until the end. Looks like they're thanking Chris Clark for the interview also, so I'm *guessing* he's the translator.

Like I stated, it's been 20 years. I can tell you "I love the Metro" and "Good-bye Summer" and little catch-phrases that a 1st years student would get, but the rest is all Greek to me.