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10-08-2009, 07:34 AM
Originally Posted by mendal View Post
From my translation you can see that its not that one mission will last 40 minutes but several missions together will make up an episode of 40-60 minutes
It was early for me - I really did mean episode there. It doesnt surprise me that things are broken up this way. It makes sense from a PoV of story progression. Most TV episodes are broken up into segments and usually there is some sort of chapter conclusion at that point.

Originally Posted by mendal
Once you prove yourself to the Starfleet, you can always count get a crew. In STO captain is responsible for teaching and training the vast spectrum of skills and tactics, which the crew needs to advance their individual careers. Most casual players may never reach the rank of admiral and wander in the galaxy on their Miranda class ships. It all depends on how much time the player wants to invest to raise his rank.
I sure hope this implies either a LOT of crafted content or one really good random content generator. I dont really care how long it takes to get to admiral but I certainly hope it doesnt ever feel like grinding.

*edit - per this interview it is implied that they have the content thing under control