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02-19-2013, 07:48 PM
Originally Posted by shpoks View Post
It's about not screaming "To hell with KDF" over this.
Everyone has their breaking point though. For some it's putting amazing Klingon opera in a FED mission. For others it's not having a 5 tac console ship even available as a choice. It changes from player to player.

Personally, I'd go with not having any new KDF ships in a year or more as a tradeoff for more Klingon unique story and content.
If you're referring to Stahl's teasers about the new "update" - slash - "season" ... I just want to point out he teased the same hype and promotional chatter for season 4.

If Story Content additions are what you want for the KDF, you should at this time be far more upset than the OP is about the new tactical andorian ship 3-pack. Heh. Cryptic's been playing the Role of Lucy to the KDF's Charlie Brown putting the football of KDF "Content" down for us to kick and miss for almost the entire three years this game's been around.