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02-19-2013, 08:42 PM
Character: Vice Admiral Rygobeth "Rygo" Ircretian Lerginas, Starfleet Science, in command of retrofit Galaxy-class Dreadnought Cruiser USS Determination. Currently on maneuvers in the Gamma Orionis Sector Block, aiding in defense against the Borg.

Captain's Log, stardate 90743.22. The Determination has set a course for the Noro system, in the Mutara Sector of the Gamma Orionis Sector Block. Rayzda reported sensor contacts that indicated Borg activity in the area. We are moving to investigate.

"Admiral Lerginas to the bridge."
Rygo tapped a control on his desk, deactivating the display on the monitor and pulling it back into the desk. He stood up and walked from the desk in his ready room to the doorway and entered the bridge. "Report," he asked.
Kopaka, Rygo's Breen helmsman, replied (in the normal robotic voice of his people, which fortunately the universal translator understood - Lerginas certainly didn't), "Sir, we have dropped out of warp in orbit of Noro VI. There is a debris field ahead."
"Slow to one-quarter impulse," said the red-skinned alien. "Raydza, scan the debris and give me an analysis. I want to know what it was and what might have caused its fate." The Betazoid woman nodded. A moment later, she turned back around from the science station and replied, "Sir, mass and material composition consistent with those of a Borg sphere. Scans of the area indicate two weapons signatures: one Borg, one Undine. Looks like they got hit by a bioship."
Rygo nodded. "Remata'klan," he said to his Breen Chief Tactical Officer, "go to red alert. Tactical scans, keep an eye out for that bioship."Remata'klan nodded as the alert klaxon sounded. Raydza spoke up again. "Sir, I'm reading... what appears to be a life sign on one of the larger debris chunks. It's not Undine... I think it's a drone. It's the only one left on the ship, from what I can tell."
Seven of Nein (for that is what Rygobeth's chief engineer called herself, to prevent being confused with the liberated Borg that came home with Voyager; their designations had been similar), who was manning the Engineering station on the Bridge, said, "Sir, it might be worth the time to liberate this one. It's the only survivor, which means its connection to the Collective is probably severed, and it's our duty to help those we can."
Rygobeth pondered the suggestion for several moments, then tapped a control on his chair. "Bridge to Sickbay," he said, "Prepare to receive an injured Borg drone. We're liberating it." Tasop, the Aenar CMO, replied, "We'll be ready." The comm channel closed with a quiet beep. Rygo stood. "Seven, Remata'Klan, you're with me, we're going to visit our newest guest. Kopaka, you have the bridge." The three officers stepped into a turbolift, and off they went.

A few minutes later, the trio walked into the ship's large medical bay. In the Intensive Care Unit, behind a force field, was the drone. It wasn't conscious. On the other side, operating a console, was a light-blue-skinned alien wearing a white and blue uniform. This was Tasop, the Chief Medical Officer of the Determination. He was an Aenar, and of course congenially blind, but his race's unique form of vision (Blindsense, using their telepathic abilities) allowed Tasop to "see" far kore than most Medical Officers, even allowing him to view the inside of a patient's body for basic prognosis. Because of this, he was an outstanding medic. You never needed to tell him where it hurt, he could see the active nerves. As they entered (and without turning his head from the display), he said, "Welcome, Admiral, Commander, Lieutenant Commander," addressing first Rygo, then Seven, then Remata'klan. Rygo responded, "What's its status?"
"He, you mean, admiral," said the Aenar. "The drone is male. In response to yourquestion, he's suffered moderate torso damage. He was rendered unconscious likely by a sharp blow to the head, probably a bulkhead, since his cranial transceiver array has been almost totally destroyed. His implants are regenerating the tissue damage, but I've put in place a cortical stimulator I modified to prevent the transceiver from being repaired. He'll never hear the Collective again."
Seven asked, "When can you begin implant removal?"
"Unfortunately," replied Tasop, "it appears that this is not this drone's first serious injury. His body has been regenerated by his implants so many times that most of them are permanently fused to him. They can never be removed. However, without the Collective, a few will be unable to function; case in point, his personal shield. He won't be adapting to anything any time soon."
Rygo asked, "Can you wake him? And, before you say anything Remata'klan, I know the risks. I'll take them." The Jem'Hadar grumbled.
"I can try. He'll probably be delirious, reluctant to speak, and have memory issues because of the damage."
"Wake him," the admiral ordered. The force field lowered, and Tasop walked over with a hypospray. He pressed the hypo to the drone's neck and injected the stimulant. Lights began to turn back on, a quiet whirring started, and finally the drone's sole free eye (his right one) opened. He didn't move, but asked slowly in a robotic voice, "Where... am I?" The question surprised the group, as drones recently liberated did not usually refer to themselves as I, preferring for a time to continue saying we. "You're on the Federation Starship Determination," said Rygo. "I am Admiral Rygobeth Lerginas, commanding. Do you know where you came from?"
The drone replied, again slowly, "I... was on a Sphere... We were attacked by... Species 8472... I was hit by something... I couldn't hear the Collective... lost consciousness..."
Rygobeth pressed on, "You knew you lost contact, you refer to yourself as I, and you seem more clear-headed than most drones fresh from liberation. What's your story?"
The drone said, "I was... a different assimilation... glitched. I could... still... think... I could... still resist... fighting... for twenty years..."
Rygobeth was amazed. Anyone fighting the Collective for that long was truly amazing. "Do you remember your name, where you were from, what race you were?"
The drone replied, "I was... human... my... family was from... Sweden... but... I remember no names..."
Rygo then said, "What was your designation?"
The drone told him, "I was... 5 of 10... secondary processor... Unimatrix... 1031... But in my mind... I called... myself... Motstand... That... is what... I will... be called."
Rygo muttered, "Motstand... sounds Swedish... What does it mean," he asked.
Motstand smirked weakly, then said\, "It means... Resistance..." then, he sighed. He was tired. Tasop said, "Enough, admiral. Our guest needs to rest. You'll have a full report in the hour." Rygo nodded, then looked at Motstand. "Welcome back to the free galaxy, Motstand."
Motstand summoned enough strength and said, "" The bridge crew departed as Tasop got to work speeding up the regeneration.

Captains Log, supplemental. The dro- rather, Motstand, has asked to join my crew. He was an analyst and processing drone in the Collective, and I've assigned him to the scientific department. His implants are still there, as they are required, but I've gotten no complaints from the crew. Starfleet Command has given me the greenlight on this decision, and I am happy to welcome the newest member of the crew. I get the feeling he will serve with distinction.

Author's note: Motstand is one of my character's BOffs, the Borg Science Officer from KA. Motstand IS Swedish for Resistance, and kudos to those who got the First Contact reference!
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