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Since it is an open secret, the devs will never enhance the Exploration Cruiser to make it a aceptable/ fun ship to fly, so i suggest that we get the possibility to remove the third nacelle from the Galaxy -X and be able to use Galaxy Class ship parts at the Galaxy -X.

Before the "nay" sayers ravish this tread, let me please explain why it could work.
Since the first lockboxes we got certain "Mirror" ships in STO.
For example the Mirror Assault Cruiser looks the same as the Prime universe Star Cruiser while having the same BOFF & Console Layout as the Prime universe Assault Cruiser. (the same for the Recon science + DSSV, Patrol Escort and Prometheus Class)
While no one takes offense at this, i think the same could be said about the Galaxy Class and the Galaxy -X.

I don't know about other people, but i would be really happy if i could make my Galaxy -X be able to look like a Galaxy Class, and since no one opposes that a Star Cruiser can look like an Assault Cruiser and vice versa, i think it would be great for some Galaxy Class fans to have their favourite ship have a bit more tactical value.

Tecnically i can't imagine that this would be too complicated, since both ships are nearly identical except for that stupid looking third nacelle that ruins the whole look and the gracious lines of that ship.

Sorry i forgot, if some friendly dev would decide to realize it, would it be possible to mix Galaxy -R and Galaxy -X ship parts so one could use a Galaxy - X Venture Neck in combination with a Galaxy -X venture Saucer for example?

That would be absolutely AWESOME!

So please devs, give your heart a nudge and make this happen. I think a lot of people would be really happy about this.
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