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02-19-2013, 09:28 PM
Breen ship:

Eng - Neutronium XI x2 (blue), Assimilated Module

Sci - Field Generator XI x2 (blue), Zero Point

Tac - Phaser Relay XI x4 (blue) (because I went phasers and had them)

Perfect? Far from it I'm sure. Lots of folks don't like phasers but I don't play/grind enough to change to AP or whatever for STF's.

Main issue for me is the Zero Point console....can't really see any noticeable return on investment for it. I'm probably not looking at it correctly, but the 1.8 power to subs is nice, however 1.8% crit chance? Still not seeing it using 3x dhc/quantum + 4 turret setup.

The Zero Point seems to be an almost "must have" console, but I'm really just not seeing it. All purple mk xi weapons, all have an [acc] modifier, some have [dmg] also...doesn't seem to change much between the old [borg] stuff or anything else I swap in and out of there.

Running the 'old' Borg engine/deflector and MACO shield set, so the Assimilated Module is nice. Use it often. The other stuff I've never used, so can't comment. Assimilated Module is great though.

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