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02-19-2013, 10:33 PM
There is no 'drain for using different weapon'. There is only drain for using more than 1 weapon. Meaning if you fire only 1 plasma array it doesn't use weapon power, but the second plasma array used drains 10. You can easily test this yourself by for example equipping 8 plasma arrays and then equipping 1 of easy array time (plasma, disruptor, phaser, etc) you'll see that the drain is equal.

That being said, the main purpose of the rommy special array not using weapon power is that it stacks well on beam boat builds. You can fire off 7 beams that only drain 6 beams worth of energy. In addition if you have the full set you get a rather powerful beam overload ability.

As far as it's use in pvp, that's debatable. Yes lots of people run shields with 20% plasma resist, but when you stack plasma damage consoles you add to the burn effect that bypases shields, as well you can have 2-4 + damage mods in your science slots (from the embassy) that can add between 9 to 39% plasma damage. That's more than enough to make up for the shield resist.

I've seen escorts get melted and blown up with full shields by 1 plasma beamboat cruiser. It's a funny sight to see.