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02-19-2013, 09:37 PM
Originally Posted by shadow27426 View Post
First time purchasing Zen. My last purcase was when they used Cryptic Points.

I used Master Card / Debt. The money was taken immediatly. So there is no problem with payment. The money is already resting in the bank account of Perfect World.
Since it is your first purchase, it will be verified by a member of the Billing Team. Once that process is complete, usually less than 24 hours, it will move out of the "reviewing" stage and ZEN will be added to your wallet. This typically only occurs on your first purchase and is a safeguard for you, the card holder (ensure no one is trying to use your card).

Also, funds are not collected the moment you request to purchase, but the payment is in "pending" if you look at your online bank account -- when you request to purchase, the merchant (the payment gateway you used) lets your financial institution know you are requesting to purchase items, and your financial institution places a hold on the funds to ensure there will be enough funds when the transaction is processed. Once the transaction is processed, it hard posts to your account and your financial institution then transfers the funds to the merchant.


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