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02-19-2013, 10:38 PM
It's been awhile since I used my Odyssey but from my experience the best consoles for it would be Field Generators because the ship is mostly a tank I normally run 2 of these on this ship.

While I don't have the Zero Point console yet I heard it is a good console to use along with the borg console.

Transwarp Computer in my experience does not give much of a boost to your power levels most I have seen it give me is 1 point of power in each area but then again I am using the ship with a efficient captain with 3 efficent boffs so the result may be different for you.

Tachyokinetic Converter while a nice console the turn rate buff doesn't help the ship much and is best used on a Science ship or Escort but the other bonuses are nice.

The Assimilated Module at one time used to be a must have before season 7 because it was part of the main borg set and the most common set you would see on a ship back then would of been Console/Deflector/Engines/MACO shields. Now it's part of a new set and I still find it to be useful mostly because of the +5 to your weapon power.